March 3, 2015
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An Opinion on Color

It lives in nature, life, our dreams and our moods so why are we not using color to decorate anymore?

You may argue that we are using color but it is muted, refined, and subtle—in other words, we are becoming the masters of the use of non-color color.  

I come from the world of to-the-trade. Meaning that we are trained professionals that help our clients create the home, shop, hotel, etc., of their dreams. But I am beginning to think these dreams are being overshadowed by non-stimulating propaganda that is being thrown at us by retailers or tentative trendsetters. Why is this? Is it maybe easier to not use color? is it cheaper to not use color? Definitely. Is it nice to not have to think or be stimulated by our environment, maybe? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of stunning spaces where the color is void but in the past, there was a happy medium between color and non-color camps. Now, for some reason, non-color has a strong majority.  

Maybe it is a phase and I am overreacting. I admit I am slightly biased by the fact that I have had the opportunity to work in Murano, Italy for the last 20 years where color was always King. But even that is fading quickly. There is magic in working with the maestros who are utilizing the alchemy of creating color with hundred year old formulas.  

Do you know what the most globally popular car color sold in 2011 & 2012 was? White! White, then silver in second place, then black and gray as reported by Forbes.

The use or appreciation of color goes far beyond our particular tastes. Color is used as a tool in a psychology, and in science as well as holistically.
In Chromotherapy or Color Theory, Color is attributed to our state of being, maybe that will be enough to persuade you to use color. Scientists have determined that color leads to better performances, red for detail-oriented task, blue for creative task. A blue room can be used to create the feelings of calm. Evidence has suggested that installing blue-colored streetlights can even lead to a reduction of crime in those areas.

Another study looked at historical data and found that a sports teams dressed in a mostly black uniform is more likely to receive penalties.

Yellow can increase metabolism.

Green can improve reading ability. Green is also thought to relieve stress and help heal. Those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomach aches.

Pink is thought to have a calming effect as well. One shade known as "drunk-tank pink" is sometimes used in prisons to calm inmates. Sports teams sometimes paint the opposing teams locker room pink to keep the players passive and less energetic.

In the Chromotherapy or Color Theory treatment:

Red is used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation.

Yellow is used to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.

Orange is used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels.

Blue is believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.

Indigo shades are thought to alleviate skin problems

In Holistic healing, spiritual and healing properties are associated with colored crystals and gemstones.

Ruby strengthens both the physical and emotional heart. It brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage.
Malachite stone is a transitional stone, perfect for assisting change.
Lapis lazuli is a mind healer. It gives voice to your reasoning capabilities.
Jade attracts prosperity, wealth, and love.
Emerald discharges any negative energy that is polluting your aura.

So although I may seem “red” with anger or “blue” because we are not using the amazing color palette available to us, I hope that when push comes to shove, and you have the opportunity to bring color into your life, please take the plunge and use the power of color for your benefit.

-Thomas Fuchs is the owner/designer of Otium and Thomas Fuchs Creative

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