February 28, 2015
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Artist Ian Sklarsky

The line is a solid structure. And, in New York City, this line is usually distorted, pushed, or inevitably delayed. Flow, point A to B. It's a method of movement, a space of time, and it can become a problem or a solution. I use lines in my art—one continuous line to be exact. Using the Blind Contour style of drawing (a method in which the artist does not look at the paper), I study my subject matter and simply let my pen flow. The movement of the line offers a glimpse into the aura of the person I am drawing. To stop the pen allows a distraction in my outflow, therefore I try my hardest to keep the pen moving the whole time.

I came to this city to create. The moments I share with people are incredibly interesting, they usually have no clue how I draw until they become aware that my gaze does not leave their face as I draw. That's when they either get incredibly interested or very self-aware. I encompass error, and while we are always striving to achieve perfection, I applaud the absence of perfection. After all, we cannot ever be truly perfect. Mistakes will be made, the pen will draw something sometimes that doesn't quite look like the subject, (I do re-do's) but this only fuels my love for Blind Contour.

I enjoy the time I spend with people while drawing, it gives them a moment to sit and think about something that isn't related to their daily life, and most of the time it's their first time being drawn like this. Recently, I've been a resident artist of YOTEL for their Eat Yo! Brunch, where I sit down and draw people for a few hours every Sunday. This is something that I want to expand on and start residencies in certain locations throughout NYC. People love what they get in return, and all I get are new creations around every corner! I'm glad to be doing this for people, they take a special part of me away every time I draw.

Ian Sklarksy lives and works in New York. For more information on the artist, please click here.

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